24online Module License Registration

In this article we will see Different types of Modules available in 24online and steps to Register the same.

Below are the 24online Modules
Audit Log Management:- Module is used to save audit Logs which will track user GUI activities.
Data Transfer Management:- Module is used to Allocate Download and Upload data for Users.
Firewall Bandwidth Restriction:- Module is used to Cap the Bandwidth for Bypassed Users.
Multiple Gateways Management:- Module is used for configuring Multiple ISP as a Load Balancing or Failover.
Payment Gateway:- Module is used to Integrate with 3rd Party Payment like Paytm, Gpay, Paypal etc.
PMS Integration:- Module is used to Integrate with Hotel PMS to allow guests to Login with Room No & Last Name.
SMS Gateway:- Module is used to Integration with 3rd Party SMS Services Provider so that Users can Login to Wi-Fi using Mobile No & OTP (SMS Authentication).
Walk in users:- Module is used to create Coupons.
Web Surfing Logger:- Module is used to capture user Site Visit logs hence this is mandatory module for 24online Gateway.

Steps to Register the License
✦ Login to GUI -> Click on Help -> Register 24online -> Module Licenses -> Click on the Module you want to Register -> Enter Product ID & Unique ID and Click on Register & OK Button.

Restart Services.
In Order to Enable the Above Registered Modules need to restart the NAS Service Via CLI.
✦ Telnet to 24online -> 8. NAS Management -> 1. NAS Components Management -> 5. Restart All Components -> and Press Enter
Note:- Once NAS is restarted it will take 5-10 Minutes time to Get the GUI Access.

After Restarting the NAS Services all the registered Module will be enabled and will be able to start the Configuration.

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