MikroTik (2 WAN) ISP link failure Email Alert

In this article we will see how to configure Email Alerts for WAN link failure. ISP-1 Configuration ✦ Tools -> Netwatch -> Add -> Enter Host: -> Click on UP Tab and Paste below Script /tool e-mail send server=”″ from=”Enter Email ID” to=”Enter Email ID” cc=”Enter Email ID” subject=”ISP-1 UP” body=”ISP-1 UP” Click on … Read more

MikroTik User Manager Database Rebuild

Incase while logging-in to Hotspot if getting Error “Radius Server not Responding” check if the MikroTik Storage is and incase its full then simply Clear the Logs and Rebuild. To Clear Userman Logs In the CLI Use the following commands: [admin@RouterX] > /tool user-manager database clear-log To Rebuild Database In the CLI Use the following … Read more

MikroTik User Manager Configuration on RouterOS v6

In this article i will show you how to Configure MikroTik User Manager on RouterOS v6. Step 1:- Login to MikroTik RouterOS. Step 2:- Remove all the Default Configuration. Step 3:- Re-Login to MikroTik RouterOS using MAC ID. Step 4:- Assigning WAN IP addresses. Step 5:- Gateway configuration. Step 6:- DNS Configuration. Step 7:- LAN … Read more