Upgrading MikroTik RouterOS Firmware using Winbox

Mikrotik RouterOS and RouterBoard are widely used routers by ISP Providers and Hotspot providers around the globe due to varitie of Features for IP and Wireless Network, There are mainly 2 different way we can upgrade MikroTik RouterOS Firmware using Automatically and Manually option. Automatically Upgrading Mikrotik RouterOS Using Winbox. This is the easiest way … Read more

MikroTik Basic Configuration using Winbox & CLI

In this article i will show you how to do the Basic MikroTik Configuration using Winbox Application & CLI. MikroTik router basic configuration can be divided into 10 steps. Step 1:- Login to MikroTik RouterOS. Step 2:- Remove all the Default Configuration. Step 3:- Re-Login to MikroTik RouterOS using MAC ID. Step 4:- Assigning WAN … Read more