IP-COM AP W63 Firmware Upgradation via AC2000 Access Controller

In this article we will see how to Upgrade AP W63 firmware via AC2000 Access Controller.

Steps to check Access Point Firmware:-
Login to Controller -> Click on Discover AP -> Search the AP from List of AP, there you will be able to check Current AP Version.

Steps to Download AP Firmware:-
Click Here to Download Latest Firmware.
Note:- Once downloaded the file extract the same so that we can upload the same in AP.

Steps to Upgrade AP W63 Firmware:-
Login to Controller -> Click on Manage AP -> Click on AP Modify Tab -> Select the AP -> Click on Upgrade button -> Click on Choose File -> Select the Latest Version File and Click on Open -> Click on Upgrade Button -> Click on OK -> Click on OK.
Now status will show as upgrading once done check the Version.

Note:- Once the Version is Upgraded need to reset the AP and Reconfigure the Same.