MikroTik User Manager Coupons Creation on RouterOS v7

In This Article we will see how to Create and Download Coupons in csv file.

Creating Coupons
✦ Click on User Manager -> Click on Users Tab -> Add Batch Users -> Number of Users: 100 -> Username Length: 6 -> Username Characters: Tick Mark only numbers -> Password Length -> Select same as username from Drop Down List -> Password Characters: Tick Mark only numbers -> Profile: Select 1DAY 3MBPS from Drop Down List -> Group: Select LAN from Drop Down List -> Shared Users: 1 and Click on Add Batch Users.

Exporting Coupons
✦ Click on New Terminal -> Enter Below
user-manager/user/generate-voucher numbers=[find name ] voucher-template=export.csv
Downloading Coupons in csv
✦ Enter the URL in Browser

Default Username: root
Default Password: root

Note:- To change the Default Password Goto User Manager -> Click on Sessions Tab -> Settings -> Advanced -> Web -> Private Username: root (Same can be changed) -> Private Password: root (Same can be changed) and Click on Apply OK.

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