Wi-Fi Site Survey

The purpose of wireless site survey is to design wireless solution for optimal performance and compliance.

A site survey is most important step in implementing WLAN.

Why wireless site survey is required..?

1.The proper site survey ensures client will get proper signal strength across the floor.
2. It will help to find out optimum number of WLAN WAPs required for best performance and coverage.
3.It will provide information about existing WLAN environment.
4. It will ensure clients will get good signal strength and high SNR.

Different types of WLAN surveys

1.Predictive survey
2.Active survey -Pre deployment survey
3.Active survey- Post deployment

Predictive survey

Predictive survey can be done using WLAN modeling software like Airmagnet planner ,Ekahau planner,HP RF planner etc. These programs allow engineer to stimulate customer WLAN environment by drawing facility structures ,marking attenuation areas etc.We can also mention what should be the minimum signal strength required across floor and software can automatically suggest WAP count and WAP placement.The predictive survey is easy and less time consuming when compared to active survey.But predictive survey is not accurate when compared to active survey

Active survey – Predeployment (AP on a stick !! )

Here we have to keep access points at predetermined locations and manually check signal strengths across the floor.We have to merge individual WAP heat maps to find out total coverage.

Active survey (Post deployment survey)

Here engineer will walk around floor and will capture wi-fi packets.software will model heatmaps with the help of captured WLAN packets.Engineer have to verify whether it matches predeployment WLAN active survey and customer requirements

Questions commonly asked

1.what kind of facility is it ? (warehouse ,office space ,..etc)
2.Is there already a network (wired and wireless) in place ?
3.How many users need simultaneous access (today and two years from now)to WLAN network ?
4.What is the bandwidth required per user in the WLAN network ?
5.Where are wiring closets located in customer facility ?
6.What type of applications will be used over WLAN ?
8.What mobility or roaming coverage is necessary ?
9.Are facility blueprints available?
10.Is WLAN going to be used indoors ,outdoor or both ?

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