How to Change Date & Time in 24online

1st Step is to check the Current timing via GUI or CLI.

To Check Timing through GUI follow below steps:-
Login to GUI -> Click on Splasher -> Click on Currently Connected Guests -> you will be able to see Current System Date and Time.
Note:- There should be atlist 1 User Logged in to see the Date & Time in Currently Connected Guests, If incase Users are not logged in then you wont be able to see the Date & Time.

To Check Timing through CLI follow below steps:-
Telnet to 24online -> 4. 24online Console -> Type show date and press Enter to See the Current System Date and Time.

If incase Date & Time is incorrect then follow below steps to Change the Date & Time.
Note:- Please disconnect all live users in Currently Connected Guests before changing System Date or else you will get an error while changing Date & Time.

Steps to Change Date & Time:-
Telnet to 24online -> 2. System Configuration -> Type 100 and press Enter and follow the Instructions

✦ Do you want to Set Timezone? (y/n) : y and press Enter
✦ Select Timezone as Asia/Kolkata and click on OK button
Note:- Mouse wont work hence use Tab to Toggle and Space to Click on OK
✦ Do you want to Set Date (y/n) : y
✦ Enter Month (01,02…12) : and press Enter
✦ Enter Day (01,02…31) : and press Enter
✦ Enter Year (2000,2001..) : and press Enter
✦ Enter Hour (00,01…23) : and press Enter
✦ Enter Minute (00,01…59) : and press Enter

Once Done it will ask to Press Enter to Continue… Done! you have successfully changed the 24online Date & Time.

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