Difference between Lease Line & Broadband

In today’s world Internet is an Essential Services for Individual and for Business Purpose. as everything moving on Cloud Computing and Digital Platform for which it is very important to have a stable and fast Internet Connection. Here in this article i will explain the difference between the Lease Line & Broadband Internet Services and which one is suitable for an Individual or for your organization.

Lease line is a dedicated line provided for your business Premises and will be available for your premises for e.g. Lease Line Plan of 10Mbps will be available 24/7 for your Premises.

Broadband is a shared line between 16 or more Customer hence up to 16 Customers can simultaneously share the same bandwidth for e.g. Broadband Plan of 10Mbps will be shared between 16 different Customers.


Lease Line is delivered over Optic Fiber Cable (OFC) or Radio Frequency (RF).

Broadband is delivered over Copper Cable or Optic Fiber Cable (OFC).

IP Address

Lease Line services comes with Public (also known as Global) IP Address.

Broadband Services comes with Dynamic IP Address which changes every time your router gets restarted.
Note:- Broadband users can request for Public (also known as Global) IP Address at additional cost.

Services Level Agreement (SLA) & Support

When it comes to Lease Line there will be a fixed Services Level Agreement (SLA) signed between Client and Service provide where Service provider assures 99.95% – 99.99% of Uptime Guarantee with a dedicated customer support and most of the issue will be resolved within few hours.

When it comes to Broadband there wont be any Services Level Agreement (SLA) signed between Client and Service provide and also there wont be any dedicated customer support hence it will take 2-3 days to resolve the issues.


Leased Line are far more reliable than the broadband connection. This is because the former can easily keep a check on various performance parameters of an internet connection, be it latency or jitter.

The broadband is less reliable when it is compared to a Lease Line connection.

Download and Upload Speed

Lease Line offers Symmetrical Bandwidth means Plan of 10Mbps will provide 10Mbps of Download Speed and 10Mbps of Upload Speed.

Broadband offers Asymmetrical bandwidth means Plan of 10Mbps will provide 10Mbps of Download speed and 2Mbps of Upload Speed.

Data Limit

Lease Line provide unlimited data limit for e.g. 10Mbps Plan will provide unlimited Upload and Download Data.

Broadband provide limited data based on the Plan Purchased for e.g. 10Mbps Plan will provide 1GB Data per day or 300GB Data per Month and further the Bandwidth speed will be reduced to 1Mbps.


Jitter defines how reliable your connection is during audio and video communications. Leased lines have a low jitter rate. In other words, your telecommunications are likely to always work in real-time.

Broadband has a high jitter rate and is more prone to connection drop-outs during video calls.

Cost Factor

Lease Line is very expensive

Broadband is very cheap

Based on the above points it is clear that the Lease Line is best suited for Business Purpose and Broadband is for Home or Small Offices.

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