Access Point Configuration in Aruba 7200 Series Mobility Controller

In this article we will see how to configure Access Points in Aruba 7205 Mobility Controller.

Step 1: Converting Access Point to Campus Mode.
Step 2: Configuring Access Point.

Lets Start…

Step 1: Converting Access Point to Campus Mode.
By Default Access Point will be in Remote Mode and same to be converted to Campus Mode so that it can be Managed via Mobility Controller.

✦ Login to Access Point (To find out the Access Point IP Address use Advance IP Scanner).
✦ Enter the IP Address in Browser -> Enter Username: admin -> Enter Password: [Controller Password] and Login.
✦ Click on Maintenance -> Convert -> Convert one or more Access Points to: Select Campus APs managed by a Mobility Controller from Drop Down List -> Hostname or IP Address of Mobility Controller: Enter Controller IP Address i.e and Click on Convert Button -> Click on OK.
✦ Note:- AP will reboot and will be shown in Controller.

Step 2: Configuring Access Point.
✦ Under Mobility Controller -> Aruba7205 -> Configuration -> Access Points -> Select the AP from the List and Click on Provision Button -> Name: Enter AP Location Name -> AP group: Select AP group from Drop Down List and Click on Submit Button -> Click on Continue & Reboot.
✦ Note:- AP will reboot

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