24online Bandwidth Usage Report

Bandwidth usage graphical report allows you to monitor the amount of data uploaded or downloaded by the users at a single glance. Generate reports of live bandwidth usage as well as daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports. With the help of this report admin is free to determine the following as given below:

● To increase or decrease the bandwidth limit
● Type of traffic is consuming the majority of the bandwidth
● Inbound/outbound traffic has consumed the maximum bandwidth in a week/month
● Pricing of the package can determined according to the consumption

Follow Below Steps to See the Graphical Report:-
Click on Reports -> Reports -> Internet Usage -> Bandwidth Usage Graph

View Graph – Select whether you want to generate Gateway-wise report or Pool-wise report or a Total report
Graph Period – Use the drop-down box and select the period to generate graph
List of Gateway/Pool – Select the gateway/pool for which you want to generate the report

We can Check Live Utilization Via CLI
Telnet to 24online -> 4. 24online Console -> Type bwmng and you will be able to see the live utilization.
Note:- Press d to change from KB/s to MB/s.

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