MikroTik System Time Configuration

Correct time on a device is important, it cause issues with the system’s logs, break HTTPS connectivity to the device, tunnel connectivity and other issues hence need to Check an Update Time. Configuration Via WINBOX Clock Setting Configuration: ✦ Click on Sytem -> Clock -> Tick mark Time Zone Autodetect -> Time Zone Name: Select … Read more

MikroTik Email Setup

MikroTik is equipped with the ability to send email Notification that can be used to monitor network conditions up or down etc. in Order to Send Email Notification we will have to configure Email Settings, below are the steps Configure Email Settings: Steps to Configure Email Settings. Tools -> Email -> Enter Server: -> … Read more

MikroTik Bandwidth Management using Simple Queues

In This article we will see how to Restrict bandwidth for Subnet, IP Addresses and Interfaces. LAN: Bandwidth Management for Subnet. ✦ Click on Queues -> Click on Simple Queues Tab -> Add -> Name:- Enter Name -> Target: Enter Subnet eg. -> Max Limit: Select Bandwidth from Drop Down List and Click … Read more

MikroTik Access Point Configuration

We are using MikroTik Access Point Model No:- RBD22UGS-5HPacD2HnD and will be Configured in Standalone Mode. Step 1:- Remove all the Default Configuration. Step 2:- Wireless Configuration. Step 3:- Bridge Configuration. Step 4:- DHCP Client Configuration. Lets Start…. Step 1:- Remove all the Default Configuration. It is a best practice to Remove all the default … Read more