MikroTik System Time Configuration

Correct time on a device is important, it cause issues with the system’s logs, break HTTPS connectivity to the device, tunnel connectivity and other issues hence need to Check an Update Time.

Configuration Via WINBOX

Clock Setting Configuration:

✦ Click on Sytem -> Clock -> Tick mark Time Zone Autodetect -> Time Zone Name: Select Asia/Kolkata from Drop Down List and Click on Apply OK.

NTP Client Configuration:

✦ Click on System -> NTP Client -> Tick Mark Enabled -> Mode:- Select Unicase from Drop Down List – >NTP Servers: time1.google.com and time2.google.com and Click on Apply OK.

Configuration Via CLI

Clock Setting Configuration:

[admin@RouterX] system/clock/set time-zone-autodetect=yes 
[admin@RouterX] system/clock/set time-zone-name=Asia/Kolkata
NTP Client Configuration:

[admin@RouterX] system/ntp/client/set enabled=yes
[admin@RouterX] system/ntp/client/set mode=unicast 
[admin@RouterX] system/ntp/client/set servers=time1.google.com,time2.google.com

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