HPE Controller 830 & 850 Configuration

HPE Controller 850 Unified Wired – WLAN (JG722A) – – Management VLAN Configuration..

Default IP Address:-
Username:- admin
Password:- admin

So lets start!!!

Configuration Steps:-
✦ Connect to port no 1 -> access using IP Address -> enter Username & Password and click on Login -> Select Country (IN India)-> Apply.

Setting system time:-
✦ Devices->System time->set time and click apply.

Note:- After changing any setting in controlled always save the Configuration.

VLAN for Access Point:-
✦ Network-> VLAN-> Click Add-> Enter VLAN ID (for eg:102) Vlan should be untagged.

Configuring DHCP for Access Points:-
✦ Network-> DHCP->Enable “DHCP Server”
✦ In Address pool Click Add-> Enter IP Pool Name (for eg:ap_vlan)-> IP Address (for eg:> Enter Mask (for eg:> Lease Duration “Unlimited”-> Gateway Address (for eg:> Apply.
✦ In Interface Configuration Disable DHCP Server of “Vlan-interface1(Default VLAN)” & Enable DHCP Server of “Vlan-interface102(Access Point VLAN)”

Enabling Auto AP & Persistent AP:-
✦ AP-> Auto AP-> Enable “Auto AP” & “Auto Persistent”

Creating VLAN for Rooms, Public Area, Conference:-
✦ Network-> VLAN-> Click Add-> Enter VLAN ID (for eg:1000 for Rooms, 1001 for Public Area, 1002 for Conference) all VLAN should be Tagged.

Creating SSID:-
✦ Wireless Services-> Access Service->Add -> Enter SSID Name (for eg:Rooms) and Click Apply ->in VLAN (Untagged) field enter room VLAN ID (for eg:1,1000)->in Default VLAN field enter room VLAN ID (for eg:1000)-> Click Advanced Setup-> Forwarding Mode “Local Forwarding”->Local Forwarding VLAN “Enter Room VLAN ID (for eg:1000)”-> Enable “MAC VLAN”-> Click Apply-> Select SSID and Click Enable.

Binding AP with SSID:-
✦ Wireless Services-> Access Service->Add -> Click Bind -> Select AP -> and Click Bind.

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