Fortinet Firewall Basic Configuration

In this article we will see the steps to configure New Fortinet Firewall.

FortiOS v6.4.6 build6083 (GA)

Default IP Address

Default Login Credentials
Username: admin

ISP IP Address:-

Lets start the Configuration….

Step 1: WAN Configuration
Step 2: LAN and DHCP Configuration
Step 3: Allow Internet Access to LAN Subnet

Step 1: WAN Configuration

IP Configuration
✦ Click on Network -> Interfaces -> Under Physical Interface Click on wan1 and Click on Edit Button Addressing mode: Select Manual -> IP/Netmask: Enter ISP IP Address and Subnet -> In Administrative Access Tick Mark HTTPS, HTTP and PING and Click on OK.

Gateway Configuration
✦ Click on Network -> Static Routes -> Click on Create New -> Gateway Address: Enter gateway and Click on OK.

DNS Configuration
✦ Click on Network -> DNS -> DNS Servers: Click on Specify -> Primary DNS Server: -> Secondary DNS Server: and Click on Apply.

Test Internet on Firewall
✦ Click on CLI Console (Right Side Top Corner) -> Enter CMD execute ping and Check if getting Reply.

Step 2: LAN and DHCP Configuration

Remove Port1 from Internal
✦ Click on Network -> Interfaces -> Under Hardware Switch click on internal and Click Edit -> In interface members just remove internal1 and Click on Apply.

Configure LAN IP Address & DHCP
✦ Click on Network -> Interfaces -> Create New -> Interface -> Name: ADMIN -> Type: Hardware Switch -> Interface members: internal1 -> Role: LAN -> Addressing mode: Manual -> IP/Network: Enter LAN IP Address & Subnet -> Administrative Access: Tick Mark HTTPS, HTTP, PING -> Enable DHCP Server (Edit DHCP Range if Required) and Click on OK.

Step 3: Allow Internet Access to LAN Subnet

✦ Click on Policy & Objects -> Firewall Policy -> Click on Create New -> Name: ADMIN TO WAN -> Incoming Interface: ADMIN -> Outgoing Interface: wan1 -> Source: all -> Destination: all -> Schedule: always -> Service: ALL -> Action: ACCEPT and Click on OK.

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