24online Walk-In PIN Creation

1st Step is to Create a Batch

Click on Pin Management -> Batch Management -> Create

Batch Details
Name* 24 Hour Plan
Batch Type Normal Batch
Click on Create Button -> OK.

Once the Batch is created we will be able to Add Bunch (Means Coupons)

Click on Add Bunch

Bunch Type
Bunch Type * Walk In
Bunch Information
Package * Select 24 Hours 10Mbps
Bandwidth Policy Keep Default or Change as per your Requirement
Pin Prefix* Enter Prefix like a or ab or abc
No of Pins to be created * Enter Qty
PIN Expiry Date Default
Click on Create Button -> OK

Once the Bunch is Created the Status will be Running, Now will have to Activate the Pin in order to use the same.

Click on the Bunch Name -> Select all the Coupons and Click on Change Activation Status -> Select Payment Type as Pay at Reception and Click Submit -> OK

Now the Status of the Bunch will show as Created that means Coupons are ready to Use.

Note:- If Bunch Status is Running that means we didnt activated the Pins.
If Bunch Status is Created that Means Pins are Activated and ready to use.
If Pins status is Unused that Means Pins are not Activated.
If Pin Status is Active that means Pins are ready to use.

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