HPE Controller 830 & 850 Enabling AP Telnet Access via Controller CLI

In this article we will see how to Access Access Point via Controller CLI. system-view [systemname]_h [systemname-hidecmd]wlan ap-execute (AP Name) exec-control enable [systemname-hidecmd]wlan ap-execute (AP Name) telnet enable [systemname-hidecmd]quit [systemname]quit display wlan ap name (AP Name) address telnet (AP IP Address) quit

HPE Controller 830 & 850 Assigning Public IP Address

Customer Requirement – Client want to Access Controller from WAN side via Public IP Address. system-view [systemname]vlan 1000 [systemname-vlan id]quit [systemname]interface Vlan-interface 1000 [systemname-Vlan-interface id]ip address [systemname-Vlan-interface id]quit [systemname]ip route-static [systemname]interface GigabitEthernet 0/0/1 [systemname-GigabitEthernet no]port access vlan 1000 [systemname-GigabitEthernet no]quit [systemname]quit